Takeover/Pre-Order Policy & Reminders!

Takeover: When a separate party, vendor, or even TSB  uses the Live platform to launch and sell items.

  •  These can be based from almost anywhere and these are NOT usually done in our facility. 
  • During takeovers, we or the vendor are provided 1 sample piece to show, once orders are submitted they then move into production. 
  • Once we have received confirmation of the order, we will mark your order “Processing” This way you will receive notifications of the order status and thus taking less of your time, reaching out to our customer service to receive these updates!
  • These kinds of items are typically NOT immediately ready to ship. 
  • The average turnaround time is 10-14 business days depending on the vendor, they will be made to order or ready to ship! 
  • We outsource incredible vendors and are able to provide an array assortment of all kinds of apparel and accessories. In order for us to venture out and find amazing items for our shoppers, we have found LIVE Takeovers provide this in plenty! We encourage you to take advantage of items that are not widely available and shop these takeovers and broaden your closets horizons!
  • On average the wait times TOTALLY override the waiting period! This is a great way to stay ahead on trends, as a lot of these styles will be exclusive or limited, 

Once the 21st day arrives from the initial input of the product order (24-48 Business Hours.) We are ONLY able to offer a store credit in place of your “delayed” or “Pre-Order” item. 

Happy Shopping!